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Learn about Crypto in Lagos

If you are in Lagos this weekend there is a seminar which is free where you will learn about Crypto.

Use the link for more info

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I bought my first Ripple woop whoop

OMG excitement or what???

I just found out how to exchange Bitcoin to buy ripple and its so EASY

It seemed complicated when the first time I tried it but the only mistaake I had made was realising that I could only send bitcoin to shapeshift and I was trying to send litecoin.

I am now the proud owner of Ripple, not a lot but enough to make some money if it keeps going up.

It is now 2nd to Bitcoin.

There is some exciting news regarding Ripple coming so keep your ears and eyes OPEN

wow She is doing it again x10 this time

What a woman, full of heart for others, she has raised so much already for the children in Kenya.

We think our life is hard but our struggles are nothing in comparison.

Please support and give anything you can.

Fresh open to change

How to cold store your coins

How do you know that your coins are safe?

I came across another  great youtube video which explains it all

Check these out on Amazon

Swap your Crypto?

So i am trying to buy Ripple XRP but I have not got a clue 👅😃 but I have to figure it out as I want Ripple.

So I find which is an exchange site. I then cut and pasted a few codes around.

It says processing, not sure how long it takes or if I have done it right. 😬

I am going back to youtube for step by step instructions.

In the meantime I found another great source of information